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Sunday, 2 October 2016

Help!!!!!! My ManHood Is Too Small For My Wife

my wife says i cannot satisfy her sexually, due to the reason that my manhood is too small for her. I thought the issue was going to die down after having our two kids but unfortunately it has deteriorated 
 That was the cry of Mr Ekene as he complained about the size of his manhood,as his wife has threatened to leave the marriage if something is not done about it. According to him
she started having issues with me from the first day we had sex on our wedding night,she said my manhood was to small and that it was not what she was expecting
It became more confusing  at this point because he sounded like there was more he had to share 
Before we got married ,we decided to practice No sex until after marriage,i was ok with it my wife supported it. But the problem started when on our wedding night my wife practically screamed while she was complaining about the size of my manhood,she made statements like "if she had known it was like this she would have had sex before we got married 
hmmmmm Mr Ekene thought everything would be fine after their two kids but obviously it has not helped as his wife has given him ultimatum to do something about it because she does not want to cheat on him and she is tired of managing it but she would rather end the marriage instead of cheating .

As confusing as the situation is , Mr Ekene needs help if not for anything for the sake of his children and the love he has for his wife. He needs to find  a solution to this heartbreaking sexual issue that is rocking his marriage 

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