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Friday, 21 October 2016

Kwankwasiyya movement give Gov. Ganduje 48 hours to either remove red cap or face legal action


The Kwankwasiyya Movement (Red Cap Revolution) have given Kano State Governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje, 48 hours to either remove the red cap he is wearing, which is a symbol of the movement or he will be dragged to court.
Alhaji Sharu Garba Gwammaja stated this while addressing the crowd celebrating the 60th birthday of the founder of the movement, Senator Kwankwasos in Kano State. Alhaji Gwammaja said Ganduje has betrayed the organization and deserved to be disowned.

"Earlier, we have offered the governor the sum of N1m to remove his cap and he failed to do so. Now we have given him 48 hours to either remove the red cap which is a symbol of Kwankwasiyya or else we will drag him to court.
He deviated from the ideology of Kwanwasiyya and it is high time for him to stop wearing our symbol."
“Ganduje is enjoying the sympathy of Kano people because of the red cap he is still wearing even though his actions are contrary to the ideology of the movement. So we want him to stop associating himself with the movement because he is not one of us."
He added that the true meaning of Kwankwasiyya is selfless service to the public, free education for all,promotion of peace and unity as well as respect to the rule of law.
"We appealed to the people of Kano to forgive us for presenting Ganduje to them as governor. We are regretting our action and God’s willing we will ratify it in the next general elections. We hope our apology would be accepted," he added.
Source: Daily Trust


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