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Thursday, 13 October 2016

Ladies Becareful !!!!!!!!

   Hmmmm , so i stumbled over this post on facebook by a user name David Emmanuel , so thought to share because alot of ladies are victims and more will keep falling in this net........

"The man that will marry you ehhn!... he will enjoy o", he said with both hands clasped underneath his head as he sat watching you apply your make-up.
It sounded funny, so you started to laugh.
You laughed so loud for three minutes but he kept staring strangely at you. Then it hit you - he's actually serious!!
"The man that will marry me.....?? ", you started to say but couldn't complete the sentence, as your mind raced to the last six months you've spent with him.
Six months of wasted time and efforts. Six months of constant yam pounding every Saturday, because it is his best food, and you wanted to please him at all cost.
You recall the number of classes you've had to skip, just to be with him. Boxers, singlets, pants; you've washed them all.
You even paid his rent for February and April just to prove your love and dedication.
"The man that will marry me...??", you started again, but this time it sounded bitter.
You recount the sacrifices you've had to make. Several dates you've paid for. You even hung upside down from the ceiling one time, just to satisfy his sexual urge.
"The man that will marry me..?? ", it sounded like a line from a movie scene. Only that this is real life, and you're not even Ini Edo sef!
You remember what your best friends - seyi and evelyn- said about him, and how you blocked them from your life. The numerous guys you've curved just for this one guy!
Mom and dad even thinks he's the one.
Everyone in church even danced and rejoiced when you shared the testimony of your soon-to-be marriage.
"The man that will marry me..?? "
You begin to wonder, Acid or rat poison; which kills faster?


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