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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Photo: Woman offered us N500,000 to kill her husband in Lagos- Suspect says


A plumber identified as Bright Ikechukwu has narrated how a

 41-year-old woman named Mrs. Chika Orji contracted him 

and two others to allegedly kill her estranged husband. 

According to The Nation, Ikechukwu who came to Lagos

 from Delta state for the job, said they were offered drinks

 and Kola nuts and promised N500,000 to kill the man. 

The suspect who was arrested while trying to steal from the 

apartment, said himself and two of his colleagues had gone 

to the man’s house at Jakande Estate, Ajah, on four 

occasions but didn’t succeed in stabbing him as they 

planned to do.

 “I live in Ogwushi -Ukwu, Delta state. My friend, Ekene, 
called me on the phone to inform me that he has a job for 
me. This was three weeks ago. I hurriedly came to Lagos 
and stayed with him in Ajah, I met another of his friend, 
Samuel. He told us that Madam Chika promised him 
N500,000 to kill her husband. Thereafter, he told Samuel to 
take me to Mr Orji’s house, so as to be able to identify the 
target. We went there and hid inside a tricycle, waiting for 
Mr. orji, whom we were told always opened his gate 
himself whenever he returned home. But on that day, it was 
his daughter that opened the gate. We went back the next 
day, it was his daughter that opened the gate again. By the 
time we went the third day, it was Mr.Orji that opened the 
gate himself. The plan was to rush to him and stab him 
eight times in the chest, rib and neck. But Samuel, who was 
supposed to stab him went to buy cigarette and by the time 
he came back, our target had gone inside and shut the gate. 
Out of frustration, I went back home and told Ekene to give 
me my own share of the money that I was going home. But 
he said that madam Chika would only pay after the deed 
was done. I decided to go into Mr. Orji’s apartment to steal 
instead, in order to get some money to go back to Delta 
state. But as I was trying to jump through the fence, 
somebody raised alarm and I was arrested by vigilantes. I 
was tied with a wire and beaten without mercy. I had to 
open up when they almost killed me.”
Meanwhile the accused woman has denied the allegation, 
claiming she only asked them to beat him up for denying 
her access to their children and selling their property without giving her share of the money.
She said: “We got married 14 years ago and have three 
daughters and a son. All of a sudden, my husband 
suddenly became a wife beater. He would beat me and 
leave me with swollen face. Hedenied me access to my children. I made 
several efforts to get my children back, part of which was to 
report him to human rights offices for settlement but he did 
not honour any of the invitations. Both families have made 
attempts to settle us but he would not listen. He was served 
with a court warrant over the issue but he also refused to 
show up. Along the line, he sold the house we both built, for 
N85 million but never gave me any dime. He also stopped 
my children from visiting me and any attempt to see them 
always resulted in beating. Out of frustration, I told Ekene, 
our carpenter, to beat him up, so as to teach him a lesson. I 
did not hire anyone to kill him. I am a frustrated woman and 
I am sorry for everything.”‎she said


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