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Thursday, 10 November 2016



In the wake of May , 2015 Nigeria choosed thier leader a man who has no school certificate. A man who was a former military leader and was adjudged a dictator. During his first stint as head of state , Nigerian economy suffered that people lined up to buy a can of milk . He was toppled by a military coup d'etat, because of his failures.
He contested four Presidential elections and failed . During this time he never developed himself . He didn't wrote any book , he didn't engaged in any international peace keeping effort as a former leader , he never conducted any workshop, seminar to brainstorm about how to empower Africa, rather he went to his village to start up a cattle farm that couldn't produce anything but retain the 70 cows he reared.
He came out again , contested and won . How did that happened ? It happened because his people were be-clouded by tribalism and ethnicity hidden under the cloak of ' change' Many taught it was anger of poverty and lack of jobs but they didn't know it was because of tribalism . The economy was doing fine , rated as the biggest economy in Africa and the third fastest in the world . No , they kept deaf ears because the man in charge didn't hail from where they come from , it was a whistle to the dogs of the Nigerian north and islam and in drove they came out to the poll . Today, they are suffering .
Like Nigeria like America , the white were afraid of the threat the surge of latinos, Mexicans and Africans in thier country portend . They feel they were about to be extinct . This fears was given a mega- phone by the shrewd billionaire business reality showman. Who capitalize on this vulnerability of his white folks and launched a campaign of hate, fear , bigotry and sexism in disguise of yet again ' change' . He is the most un-qualified person to campaign for the sit of a President in the history of America. So pompous and egocentric , yet his white folks refused to see that because they were blinded by racism . He gave them a dog whistle and in the forest they came to defeat the most qualified woman who has ever run for the American top post.
Now, the Nigerian economy is in comatose because of this act . I hope the American story won't be the same ? Obama the sitting President is about to hand over a sound economy he rescued from recession . Like Jonathan of Nigeria who handed over a thriving economy to his successor that rubbish it .
History has shown that when men refuse to be human and choose to swim in the ocean of bigotry, racism and ethnicity, misogyny they pay a costly price for it .

Source : Innocent Tino ( A New York based facebook user and writer )


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