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Tuesday, 27 December 2016

Terrible!!!!! Man killed by a Police officer five days to his wedding

Sad, horrifying, bizarre, barbaric, traumatizing and provocative are words that are not enough to describe the ugly incident that happened on 21st December afternoon when a young man of about 28 years was gruesomely murdered by a police inspector posted at NNPC located at Control Post Owerri, Imo state.

The Young man Mr Friday Nduka, a native of Egbuoma in Oguta LGA of Imo state who just returned from Indonesia and who is getting prepared for his Traditional marriage slatted for 27th December, 2016 was killed on 21st December, 2016 by one Inspector Michael Udeh of the Nigeria police force attached to Imo state command but posted to NNPC station as security guard after late Nduka had just finished buying fuel at the station. Sadly, Mr Friday Nduka was shot inside his car within the NNPC premises before his wife to be and his mother-in-law to be.

The annoying story according to an Eye witness had it that Mr. Nduka had just finished buying fuel at the NNP and shortly after words, one of the fuel attendants complained that her Phone had just been stolen perhaps by an unknown person. Apparently, the fuel attendant and the manager of the station suspected that the Phone might have been stolen by one of those customers or hangers on at the station. 

To this end, the security men now ordered that nobody should move out while they conduct a search for the missing Phone. Some of the customers saw the order as an embarrassment. Subsequently, hot arguments ensued between the fuel attendants and some of those who came to buy fuel.
Now, the eye witness said that the late Mr Nduka who, like other customers considered the situation as embarrassing to them told the police man standing very close to him that he didn’t know what they were talking about as he just finished buying his fuel and never saw any phone. 

He told them that he had a serious appointment and was rushing to meet up and couldn’t stand the delay after he had already wasted some time. The police Inspector one Micheal Udeh at this stage became angry with him and violent threatening to shoot anybody who dared his orders. Quietly, Late Mr Friday Nduka opened his car door and entered as he just merely went inside his car to sit since his new bride and his mother-in-law were already seated inside the Car. He had not driven out the car and before a twinkle of an eye, the haggard and Drunken looking police Inspector approached him while he was still inside the Car and again ordered him to come out or else he would deal with him. 

At this stage, hot arguments ensued again between the Policeman and Late Nduka including his new wife and mother-in-law. Instantly, the Police Inspector Udeh retreated a bit backwards, positioned the nozzle of his gun on Late Friday Nduka and immediately released the Trigger. He shot at Late Friday Nduka three times on his Chest and killed him instantly before his new wife and Mother-in-law.

Immediately, the policeman suspecting that there might be reaction from the crowd and on lookers, he started shooting sporadically on the air to wade off people before he finally escaped and ran away. His action infuriated the people around as there was a serious commotion and pandemonium thereafter. Immediately, police men arrived the area and took the lifeless body of Late Friday Nduka and deposited it at the FMC Murtuary.

Last Saturday 24th December, 2016 Youths of Egbuoma from Oguta LGA numbering of over 100 stormed Owerri and threatened to burn down the NNPC station but were stopped by retinue of Police and Soldiers who had already condoned off the station in order to forestall any break down of law and order. The Commissioner of Police Mr. Lakanu invited few of the Youths and relatives of the deceased to the police headquarters Owerri.

The family members, relatives and the Youths were led to the Police Commissioner’s office by Hon Jeff Nwaoha, the General Manager of Imo ENTRACO who is also from the same community and a relative of the late Nduka. The Police Commissioner sympathized with the family of the deceased and expressed disappointment over the ugly incident vowing to bring the trigger happy policeman who is presently at large to face the consequence of his action. 

He promised to ensure that justice is served in the matter. He regretted that inspite of all his efforts at sanitizing the force and the Imo society, there are still bad officers like Mr Micheal Udeh assuring that Inspector Udeh who killed Late Nduka cold bloodedly must not escape prosecution.
He called for calm and promised that he would do everything possible to make sure that there would not be a repeat of such ugly incident again in the state.

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  1. Pathetic story. Every day above ground is a blessing. Adieu, Mr Friday.