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Saturday, 24 December 2016

Tips to Having the Best Sex Ever in 2017

As people make their new year's resolutions for 2017, many of them will be the same: exercise more, drink less, have better sex.
When it comes to the last goal, Sydney-based Dr Nikki Goldstein has you covered.
The sexologist, relationships expert and author spoke to Daily Mail about how to have the best sex possible, giving her top tips for 2017. 

While touching and kissing are sometimes very prominent at the start of a sexual relationship, they can die down as time goes on. 
This, Dr Goldstein, says, could be holding your sex life back. 

'We're a hypersexual society that doesn’t incorporate a lot of touch,' she explained. 'Upping touch not only brings more intimacy, it can help women to get more aroused and into sex. 
'Kissing a lot and touching a lot is a great way to reinvigorate your sex life.'


While porn can be something fun occasionally, studies show that watching too much of it can lead to decreased sensation when having sex.
The problem, according to the sexologist, is when people forget that porn isn't real and not something to take tips from.

'Porn is something that is a fantasy,' Dr Goldstein said. 'Porn has to keep doing things people can't do themselves to keep them interested. It's a cycle.
'Despite all the technology advances in sex so many people are still unhappy in the bedroom.'

One of the biggest traps people fall into, according to the sexologist, is comparing themselves to others or getting too focused on the sex they 'should' be having. 
'Stop pressuring yourself to have great mind blowing sex every time,' Dr Goldstein told Daily Mail.  

'Have sex because you want to be having sex, not because you know your friend and her husband are having sex three times a week and you think you should be too. With social media we compare ourselves to others too much. 

'Even if you don't feel like sex, kissing and cuddling with your partner, having a little a play, is great for intimacy.
'Plus no one is going to tell you when they're having bad sex, so there's no point worrying about it.' 


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