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Tuesday, 31 January 2017

Gifty of BBN and Her Many Men Escapades !!!!!!

 When a womans ambition to get to the top is through men .

According to information gotten from a source (innocent tino) has it that the marriage of Gifty to her ex husband only lasted for 5months . And she moved to lagos .

She married the Nollywood producer because she wanted a role and to be famous . That achieved , she moved on without telling the man goodbye or divorce and till date , the guy is still crying .

Then in lagos, she didn't become popular with the film she acted so she looked for musicians to climb on .

She briefly dated flavour. She is now dating K24 who shared her semi nude picture sometime ago .

She is a sucker for fame and now BBN has offered her that opportunity. The reason she frollick with every male in that house is just to manipulate them as she has always done . She is the master when it comes to using men .

I bet she will win this show or go very far. That lady has her eyes on the price .


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