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Friday, 20 January 2017

Nigerian Man Stabs Italian Entrepreneur To Death !!!


The Italian police in Bologna provincial command have arrested Desmond Newthing, a Nigerian asylum seeker, on suspicion of killing Lanfranco Chiarini, a 76-year-old entrepreneur.

Chiarini was found dead on January 3 in his villa on the hills of Castel San Pietro.

According to reports by local media, it would seem that Chiarini died as a result of about thirty stab wounds inflicted by Newthing. The autopsy results have already confirmed that the death occurred by extermination, after Chiarini has received several stabs on the neck.



No one knows the motive that prompted the alleged perpetrator to kill the employer, but it is possible that before the crime there was a sexual relationship. 

A Facebook user, Senior Rita, shared part of the story. She wrote:

"Because of a hundred thousand euro this Nigeria guy called Desmond Newthing killed the Italia woman he was dating in her own country , he is the course of the whole arrest so far in Italy he forgot that there were camera."

In another post, she wrote,

"This is the picture of the basterd how killed the Italian woman he was dating in bologna Italy ,he is the cause of the arrest of the innocent blacks in italy."


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