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Thursday, 6 October 2016

Family who thought there was an 'unusually large pet cat' hiding out under their house are shocked to discover it is an almost-extinct LEOPARD

              The leopard placed inside a cage and taken to the nearby Kuala Krau wildlife reserve

A family were shocked to find an endangered leopard sleeping under their house.
Ramli Othman was told by his 10-year-old grandson that he had seen an enormous cat in the early hours of the morning under their home in a village in Pahang, western Malaysia.
The 60-year-old called friends over to help him inspect the bottom of his stilted house, he initially thought it was an unusually large cat until he heard its loud roar.

         Ramli Othman was told by his grandson that there was a giant cat under their home

When authorities arrived, they set up a net around the house to stop the animal from running away.
A vet fired a tranquiliser dart so the wildlife team could get the endangered clouded leopard out of the village.
State Wildlife and National Parks deputy director Mohd Zaide Mohamed Zin said the leopard may have been separated from its group and sought shelter under the house, according to a report by The Strait times

             After being shot by a tranquiliser, the team from the Department of Wildlife and National Parks covered the clouded leopard's head inside a dark sack

'The villagers were also smart enough not to disturb it and called for help immediately,' he said.
'If the leopard had been disturbed and become aggressive, the villagers could have been attacked,' he added.
The leopard was taken and released it into the nearby Kuala Krau wildlife reserve.

             State Wildlife and National Parks deputy director Mohd Zaide Mohamed Zin praised the villagers for not disturbing the leopard and calling the authorities 

                  Villagers gather  to see the leopard being taken out from underneath the stilted home in Pahang

          When he and a couple of friends went to take a look they found a leopard and quickly ran away to avoid being attacked


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