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Sunday, 9 October 2016

Photos: Gay couple Cheyenne Jackson and Jason Landau welcome twins

           'Welcome to the world': On Friday, actor Cheyenne Jackson and his husband of two years Jason Landau became the fathers of fraternal twins, an event both commemorated on Instagram

Cheyenne Jackson and his husband of two years, Jason Landau, became the fathers of newborn fraternal twins on Friday. The 41-year-old American actor shared the photo on instagram which side by side photos showed himself and Landau embracing their new babies.

Jason Landau caption it: ''Today my husband and I brought our son and daughter into this world. Willow and Ethan just made us the happiest people and so thankful to now start our lives together as a family'' Congrats to them! See more photos after the cut ....

       'My son's mouth is magic': On Saturday, Jackson shared a close-up of his son Ethan's lips

       'I never knew how much I needed my daughter's dimples': He also posted an adorable picture of his new daughter Willow

           'And his sister wanted to say hello as well': He followed it up with his own photo of Willow sleeping



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