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Tuesday, 13 December 2016

PMB, Please Bring them Hallelujah Houses To Justice - Agba Jalingo

Agba Jalingo is a political analyst , who never fails to write and share solutions to burning national issues ...
Below is his request to President Buhari on the recent cases of mishappenings in our modern day churches .........

While we were mourning the calamity that befell Akwa Ibom state in the church building collapse, the sheer figure of casualties and the cruelty with which the accident happened as seen from those horrific pictures and footages, we could not have remembered or heard that, again another three persons died last Saturday night in a stampede at the synagogue church of all nations in Lagos just months after hundreds died in the same venue.

The last I heard of the synagogue church collapse is the yet-to-yield effort of the Lagos State Coroner to bring Synagogue Church and it's operators to justice for criminal negligence.
The impunity with which some of these Hallelujah houses extort and dehumanize citizens without retribution has further embolden them to start taking lives knowing that there is no punishment in the offing.

I join my voice with other well meaning Nigerians to call for thorough investigation of these incidents, the prosecution of culprits and adequate compensation of victims and their families.
As an addendum, I will also recommend a Judiciary Style sting operation by either the DSS of EFCC on some of these hosanna centers.

The population that patronize those places are already hypnotized and helpless. As it was done to the judges, let that murderous cartel be dismantled too by state apparatus.
Let them begin to bring out their books and other sundry things for scrutiny by the public.

These Halleluyah houses have become a behemoth.
These Hallelujah houses are becoming nations unto themselves with brazen disrespect for law and even life.
If nothing is done fast, these new generation of parasitic and blood sucking preacher men will take more lives using the name of Jesus.

I rest my case.


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