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Friday, 30 September 2016



   It was a moment of joy as the first ever male first-class product took the oath on the 10th Induction and Oath-taking ceremony of the Department of Radiography and Radiological Science, College of Medical Sciences, (Unical).

Mr Goodluck Okoro, made history by bagging a first class, the first male first class graduate after Ms Eteng Rejuno broke the chains in 2014.

Of the lot admitted into the department five years ago, 59 were lucky to complete the programme.

The inductees filed into the UNICAL International Conference Centre, beaming with smiles; as they were joined by their family members and friends.

Goodluck had Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 4.51 – the highest recorded since the institution started awarding Bachelor degree in the discipline. For the feat, Goodluck had an automatic employment in the school after his National Youth Service.

Goodluck Okoro did not only impress the entire university with his first class but also took FIVE (5) Awards out of the available EIGHT (8) Awards. They include:

ü Provost award of excellence

ü Overall best graduating student 2014/2015

ü Best graduating student in Radiographic technique

ü Everything Radiography academic excellence award

ü RRBN award for the best graduating student

The RRBN award incorporates N35,000 Naira award and a placement on the UK stuff.

Abuja Independence Eve Mask Party!!!!!!!!


There is no better way of stepping into the Independence Day than been in the Company of stylish and sophisticated men and women ,as THE EMBASSY BY GLAMORE  brings to you ALLURE INDEPENDENCE  EVE MASK PARTY which will be going down on the 30th of September 2016, as the doors will be open from 9 pm
 so come ready to do business and have fun as it going to be the first of its kind in the City of Abuja !!!!!!!!!!!



Thursday, 29 September 2016

Blood Bath !!!!! As Mother in Calabar Got Hit by a Moving Vehicle To Replace Her Daughter

It was a terrible scene as people gathered around to offer assistance to the woman who layed unconscious on the floor
The horrible incident that took place at about 3:30pm on the 29th of september ,along  Inyang street , before total filling station in Calabar south area of Calabar,
   According to our source Ekeng Inyang who is resident in calabar, said , the woman sent her daughter crossing the road only for her to discover that the child will not be able to make it as a moving car was almost close.
it was then she decided to rather take the hit for the child. The daughter who is between 4-6 years of age was pushed by the mother in other to avert the car hitting her.
    It was not clear if the woman survived as at the time of this report ,because our source said he had to drive off because he could not behold the ugly incidence

Woman Beats Up Husband's Lover Mercilessly !!!!!!!!!!!


 A mistress was discovered lying badly bruised in some bushes after she was reportedly beaten up by her lover’s wife.
Passersby stopped to help the woman up after the brutal attack in eastern China’s Shandong Province yesterday.Chinese media has reported the woman, who was left with a heavily swollen face after the beating, was battered by the scorned wife of her lover.
Some of the 28-year-old’s teeth were knocked out after she took a blow to the mouth, Sina reported.
The woman was spotted slumped up against a tree in low bushes in what appears to be a busy built-up area.
Photos shared on Chinese social media site Weibo claimed to show the woman before and after the attack, and reveal how horrifically transformed her face was by the force of the blows.
Reports circling on Weibo claimed the woman was actually attacked by four men hired by the cheating man’s wife.The posts alleged she had been detained and beaten for several days.
The woman has refused to reveal how she suffered the injuries, the public security bureau of the city of Anqui in Shandong Province said on its Facebook page.
Chinese news service Shen Weifang suggested the images of the woman before the attack were ripped from one of her social media accounts.

Rihanna Looking Splendid As She Walks The Runway


                    Image result for pictures from rihanna as she walks the runway for her puma collaborationAn eye for design: Wearing a long, floor-length pink trenchcoat, which featured a printed design, the singer cut a chic but modest figure 
  Unveiling her latest project  which she has spent  time working on in collaboration with PUMA
 Rihanna was welcomed into the elite realms of high fashion at Paris fashion week as she introduced her first ever SS17 collection.

                      Image result for pictures from rihanna as she walks the runway for her puma collaboration
   Taking to the catwalk at a parked room in the Hotel de salomon de Rothschild , the 28 -year old Diamond singer was full of smiles as the crowd applauded  her.
                            Onto the next room: The B**** Better Have My Money singer strode from room to room like her models

                        Swish on the street: At the start of the show Rihanna took to the catwalk herself in an all-brown ensemble, which featured a camouflage kimono, hoodie and sweatpants
               One step at a time: Rihanna was greeted by a sea of phones as she made her second run of the evening on the catwalk       One step at a time: Rihanna was greeted by a sea of phones as she made her second run of the evening on the catwalkSassy style: She chose to reduce any faffing by keeping the elegant pearls and high heels she was sporting later on in the evening

Raunchy Photos of Keke Palmer In New Shoot For Galore

                               Image result for pictures of keke palmer

     The 23-year-old actress and singer  posed in sheer, raunchy dresses for a Galore shoot. Speaking to the magazine about romance she said she can be handful to any potential date. She explained:

'Well, I think very much so like a computer. I’m very emotional, but I’m also very logical. I’ve been working the way I have been since I was a kid, so I think about everything as a schedule.
'I’m very analytical and I’m a perfectionist, so I think somebody dating me might say that would be hard to deal with.' She also gave her two pence on the issue of cultural appropriation saying it's not that big an issue. She said: 'To not be okay with it would be like saying black people shouldn’t get perms. This goes back to my same message about labels… having braids doesn’t make you black and having straight hair doesn’t make you white.' She adds: 'We’re thinking too hard on things honestly. I’m not really caring about whether or not someone who is not black got braids in their hair.'

Image result for pictures of keke palmer in galore shoot
Image result for pictures of keke palmer in galore shootImage result for pictures of keke palmer in galore shoot
                                      Image result for pictures of keke palmer in galore shoot

What An Ironic Situation !!!!!!!



  Two stylists have been granted bail after being arraigned before a Mararaba Upper Area Court in Nasarawa State on Tuesday, September 28, for the alleged theft of N26,000. The accused' Oluchi Chieze and Emily Okeke pleaded not guilty to the two-count charge of criminal conspiracy and theft levelled against them.

     The presiding judge, Ibrahim Shekarau, passed the judgement, adding that the duo produces one surety each and they must reside within the court's jurisdiction, before adjourning the case to October 10 for mention.
The court heard that the complainant, one Precious Nwachukwu, of Brothers Plaza, Mararaba, filed a report at the ‘A’ Divisional Police Headquarters on September 21.
The prosecutor, Hemen Donald, said that the girls conspired and stole the complaints N26,000 at about 5:30pm on September 13.
   “The accused stole the money and absconded to an unknown destination until there were arrested by the police,” he said.
  The offences contravened Section 97 and 287 of the Penal Code, Laws of the Federation.

Jibrin Suspended From House Of Reps Over Budget Padding Scandal

Hon. Abdulmumin Jibrin, House of Representatives
     Nigeria’s House of Representatives has suspended Abdulmumin Jibrin, former chairman of the appropriations committee, over an alleged breach of legislators’ privileges.
The breach in question was the budget-‎padding allegations he levelled against Speaker Yakubu Dogara, four other principal officers, and other lawmakers.
The lawmaker was suspended for 180 legislative days, which is approximately one year, after the house considered the ‎recommendations of the ethics committee.
Apart from raising budget padding allegations, Jibrin had also ‎said some lawmakers were not “worthy” to belong to the house.
Femi Falana, counsel to the former appropriations chairman, had urged the speaker to suspend the probe, saying it was a contravention of Order 9 rule 5 of the house standing rules.
According to the House calendar, one legislative year comprises 181 days.
Jibrin has played the role of a self-styled whistleblower for several months in an attempt to “expose corruption” in the House of Representatives. At a point, his campaign against the House leadership appeared to be a personality contest between he and the Dogara.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

They Say Angelina Jolie Used to 'beat' Brad Pitt

      According to InTouch mag, Angelina Jolie used to put hands on Brad Pitt and they are describing her as a wife from hell. Na wa! As if they were in their relationship. Read the rest after the cut...

From Daily Mail

Us Weekly claims that while Brad, 52, and Angelina, 41, were living together at their huge Hollywood Hills compound, they took to staying in different parts of the 80,000 sq ft estate.
"Angelina basically had her own wing and he had his,' a source close to Brad told the publication. 'They began living these separate lives.'
A representative for Brad declined to comment when contacted by DailyMail.com. A representative for Angelina was did not immediately respond to requests for comment.
The insider also revealed that the former couple. who share six children, were fighting more and more ahead of the break-up.
'Their arguments progressively became more frequent,' the source said.
Brad allegedly 'didn't want to be alone' and turned to friends while working on his latest movie Allied to discuss his problems.
'He said he was just worn out and fed up with problems at home,' an insider claimed. 'He said they’ve had rocky moments before, but this is the roughest patch they’d ever been through.' 
A source close to Angelina alleged that she wasn't happy with Brad airing their dirty laundry, telling Us Weekly: 'She cannot deal with anyone talking about their business.'
The couple's estate - which will be divided with their other properties as they hash out a $400million divorce agreement after signing a prenup - is made up of five houses and features a skate park, three swimming pools and a secret cave. 
Ian Halperin, author of Brangelina: The Untold Story of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie, recently said that Angelina is considering relocating to the UK to further her political career. 
'She’s a woman with an agenda, she wants to leave the United States, she wants to work in the UK, she wants to get in the House of Lords, she has a non-profit foundation there. She has her sights set on England,' he told the Daily Star.
And while she will indeed be spending more time in the British capital, particularly as she has been appointed a visiting professor at the London School of Economics, a source told People that Angelina is not making a move their full time

Unknown Husband; As Woman Marries Husband in Absence


   It was a funny sight to behold after this photo went viral on the social media sphere of a young bride getting wedded to a white mannequin which stood in the place of her fiance who is purportedly based abroad.

According to some people who know the lady, she has been dating the guy whom she met on the Internet and has never seen him before.After much pressure from her parents to get married, she and the young man arranged to have their traditional wedding but since he would not be around, they sought a replacement but with no man willing to take his place, they settled for the mannequin, though many have questioned their decision to use a white mannequin for the groom.

EdoDecides: Disregard Election Result On Social Media - INEC

The Independent National Electoral Commission, INEC has called on Nigerians (especially social media users) to disregard results of the just concluded Edo State Governorship election that has gone viral on social media, adding however that only INEC or its designated officials can do so. 

Meanwhile, social media sources so far have revealed that the People's Democratic Party, PDP has already won the election.

"Don't worry, I have condoms", rapist tells would-be victim (photo)

A lady shared with myunfilteredng how she successfully completed her postgraduate program despite almost being raped by two young men.

 One of the would-be rapists even had the nerve to tell her to cooperate with the rape because 'he had condoms'. Her determination and God's grace saved her, although she lost a lot of valuable materials.

Read the awesome narrative after the cut.

I didn’t feel like pursuing a postgraduate program because my dad died 2 months prior to the admission exams. 16 of us were admitted out of about 200 that wrote the exams and we began lectures. Then I started my dissertation. I spent five months writing, submitting, correcting and re-submitting Chapter One.

2 weeks to submission and defence, the unexpected happened. Due to fuel scarcity, getting transport out of campus was hard so I had to walk home. On my way, I saw 2 guys. My first thought was to dash past but then I figured they could easily push me into the lake nearby. As I turned to go back, another guy cornered me and before I could blink he ripped off my bag and said,
“I just want to have sex with you, that’s all. Nothing more. Just cooperate. Don’t worry, I have condoms. Just allow me. I will give you your bag back.”
“Oh God”, I prayed. But this guy was not ready to let me go. He kept tugging at my trousers. We were in the sand, rolling and pulling. I struggled and tried appealing to his senses, at least so he could lose some grip and I could run. Noticing I wasn’t going to give in, he decided to strangle me.

He shouted,
“Shebi, you are stubborn? I will kill you. You will die today.” As he strangled me, I just heard myself shout, “I will not die but live.”
He lost his grip and I took off. I ran into a group of students who helped me. Unfortunately, my attacker had disappeared with my bag containing a friend’s laptop, the hardcopy of my dissertation and several valuables. Because I finished printing late, I did not back up my work.

I informed my department and was given 2 months to rewrite my dissertation and then defend. The near rape and death experience took a great toll on me. My mind became a battle field but a few friends and my family encouraged me. I started the dissertation all over and submitted. A new date was scheduled for the defence. My defence was successful and I even snapped selfies with my examiners. Ain't God too good

What recession? Check out these Nigerian guys washing hands with expensive bottles of wine at a club

A twitter user @TinyAlonge shared photos of club revelers using expensive wins as hand washing liquid. Check out more photos

Actor Kalu Ikeagwu releases statement on his arrest by the Nigerian Police

Yesterday, news broke that actor Kalu Ikeagwu was arrested by the police following a robbery and homicide case. He has released a statement stating what exactly happened. Read that below
Just to clear the air, I have this to say. I was literally abducted at gunpoint by earring wearing men purported to be policemen (they were five) in an unmarked Hiace bus with civilian number plates and fake identity cards. They first claimed to be working on an abduction Abuja case which changed to a robbery case, all while in transit.

Makeup artist defends Aisha Buhari "It is easy to judge from the sidelines when u don't really know what is going on."

Top makeup artist Mamza Beauty has come to the defence of Wife of the President, Mrs Aisha Buhari, following criticisms that greeted the First Lady's decision to fly her to the US for the just concluded UN General Assembly. Posting more photos from the session, the Abuja-based makeup artist said that Mrs Buhari's efforts towards eradicating child malnutrition, hunger, and other social issues through her pet project, Future Assured, should be commended instead.
"Read...for those who CARE to be enlightened about her trip....Getting Her Excellency(Wife of the President of Nigeria) ready for the 71st United Nations General Assembly(I am deeply honored);
where she is advocating for support to push forward the Child nutrition project which would CREATE JOBS for our youths, SOLVE MALNOURISHMENT , HUNGER issues and help BOOST our nations' GDP. Food for malnourished and hunger stricken children are deployed from donors to help alleviate poverty and solve the problem of malnourishment, but before the food reaches Nigeria some of the children die from starvation. So Mrs Buhari is pushing to solve this predicament for the Nigerian child amongst other programs by pushing for the set up of a food factory (Nutritional plant) in Nigeria, which would produce healthy and nutritious ready to use therapeutic food (RUTF)for babies and toddlers 'AT NO COST'. Some neighboring countries in Africa (Niger) have a factory set up to produce their own food, empowered by the UN...so @aishambuhari asks "WHY NOT NIGERIA"? . It is easy to judge from the sidelines when u don't really know what is going on..."
See some of the reactions to the post:

Angry brother allegedly beheads man who raped his sister ...and takes the head to the police station! (photos)

According to the Thai online user who posted the photos on September 25th, a man allegedly killed and beheaded his sister's alleged rapist...and went to report himself at the police station, carrying the murder victim's head. See the graphic photos after the cut...

Borno state commissioner for Environment dies

The Commissioner for Environment in Borno state, Waziri Imam, has died. He died this morning following a brief illness at the University of Maiduguri Teaching Hospital. He will be buried today according to Islamic laws. He reportedly drove himself to the hospital when he suddenly fell ill. May his soul rest in peace Amen.

Reality star Masika Kalysha takes some very sexy photos

Love & Hip Hop star Masika Kalysha, who recently welcomed a child with rapper Fetty Wap, shared photos from a very sexy photo shoot and she doesn't have an ounce of baby fat on her. See another photo after the cut...

Tuesday, 27 September 2016

Amber Rose pretty in new photos

Amber Rose pretty in her wig as she dances on DWTS. More photos after the cut...

With her DWTS partner Mak Sim