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Thursday, 19 January 2017

Act Now To End The Killing Of Nigerians In Southern Kaduna - Press Release

                                                                         Press Release
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19th January, 2017


The Organisation For Global Youth Peace,Empowerment And Development Initiative

(OGYPEDI) hereby condone with the families of victims of the attacks that has ravaged Southern

Kaduna in the past couple of months which unfortunately has led to the death of hundreds of


It is highly unfortunately that the Buhari led government has failed to act decisively to prevent and

ultimately bring to an end the massacre of innocent Nigerians in that part of Kaduna State.

A statistic released by the government's own agency NEMA put the number of death resulting

from the current crisis in the Southern Kaduna to be 204 within the last two months alone while

statistic released by the Catholic church states that about 808 people have been killed so far,its sad

to note therefore,that these lives were lost due to the failure of the government to nip this crisis in

the bud from the onset,even more painful is the fact that this government has continued to handle

this crisis with kid gloves thus sitting back to watch while the slaughtering of innocent Nigerians

goes unabated.

We are using this medium to remind the federal government and the Kaduna State government of

its core primary responsibility which is that of the protection of lives and properties of its citizens

and those living within it territory,to fail in this responsibility means failure in leadership and

governance,therefore,we once again call on President Buhari and Gov. El-Rufai to intervene and

set in motion effective mechanism that would not only put an end to the massacre going on in that

part of Kaduna state but also ensure that justice is done and compensation given to families of

affected victims as may be required.

Michael Ipheghe

National PRO


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