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Wednesday, 2 November 2016

I Thought He Was Different !!!!!!

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'I wanted to cry at the same time laugh, I did not know the exact suitable expression for how I felt. As I wondered on that dark and lonely way. Questions that I Had no answers to them surfaced. How did it happen? Where did I go wrong ? Who is behind these? What am I suppose to do about it?.. At this point when everyone thought 'oo yes finally' 
My friends have been asking, my family, my pastor even my neighbors want to know him,,,,, woow...... How am I suppose to explain to them that it's not working out....is this how it's going to end????? '

Yes how am i going to explain ...how do i tell my friends that he is a mess after ignoring all they told me about him , i dont believe in tales , i have always told them "every man is not the same" 
"you dont judge a book by its cover"..

As i take a sit to rest in this dark and lonely place , every single word of mine comes pouring back to my face. what exactly did i do wrong , i cook , clean whenever i come visiting above all he never lacked sex, i tried to make sure my relationship was moving smoothly , i never knew it was a wasted investment ......
so i was loving and sacrificing my time and energy for and to him while he was investing his on someone els...how did i miss that part . He always assures me of his love for me , telling me how i was everything to him ,, hmmm wow so i was actually a fool to have believed  ( sighssss) .
Anyway obviously its over , there is nothing i can do about it , its late now, he isalready set to go down the alter with someone els , which i found out through someone , yes i tried reaching him ... honestly, you really dont want to know the response he gave 
  while i sit here to mend my broken heart , i still have not giving up on love ..........i thought he was different !!!!!!!!!!!



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