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Thursday, 3 November 2016

Jealous mom suffocates her son and sends picture of his dead body to his father - alongside a laughing emoji

A Pennsylvania mother, Christian Clark, allegedly smothered her 17-month-old son to death and then sent videos of the boy’s body to his father to get back at him.

The 21-year-old mother of two,  killed her son, Andre Price III, by pressing his face into the bedding of an air mattress in her living room and attempted to do the same to her daughter Angel on Tuesday.

According to MailOnline;

Clark sent a video to her boyfriend, Andre Price Jr, around 10:pm that showed both children lying face down on the mattress during a three-hour fight that took place over text messages. 
Clark was heard saying in the video she sent to her boyfriend:
 'Ah, look Angel is still alive and sweating, your son on the other hand, is not even breathing.'
Price, who had left the apartment for work at 2:pm, then replied: 'Send it to the cops post it to [Facebook] idc anymore you ruined my life.'

The text messaging had reportedly begun around 8:25pm that night, when Clark accused Price of cheating on her, pointing out that she didn't want the children at her apartment anymore because their lives were at risk with her:

 "Ya kids ain't safe here, I don't want them here. Answer me or I'm going to jail for child endangerment".
At 10:01pm, Clark reportedly told Price:
'I'm killing them',  and she added in her text message an emoji face that is laughing so hard it had tears coming out of its eyes. She said: 
'I wasn't even gonna send you videos but pretty sure ya son is legit dead, I'm going to jail either way, hope it was worth it. It's okay I'm dialing 911,' she wrote.
Price responded: 'You need to if he is dead.’ 'I am,'Clark responded. 'Sorry I did this. I didn't mean to', she added.


Andre who was reportedly unresponsive when police arrived at Clark's apartment around 11.13pm that night; was transported to a nearby hospital and was pronounced dead at 11.40pm.

Clark has been charged with criminal homicide for the death of Andre Price III. She also faces charges of attempted homicide after allegedly trying to suffocate her two-year-old daughter, Angel.


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