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Wednesday, 23 November 2016

Reply to Critic on Post About a Pastor !!!!!!

In life people will definitly criticise every single thing that you do , so because i am aware of these i dont shake .....
  I got the above mail from a lovely cyntomaniac ( hahah) questioning me on why i will post a story about a pastor and asking if i was without conscience,bringing in religious sentiment , which i would say is not a bad idea as i consider that to be the senders opinion.
firstly , my dear i do not have a problem with any pastor as i respect any one that carries the oil .
secondly , i publish stories on diferent issues that are lucrative and profitable to my line of duty , besides the story that was complained about was profitable (hahahahah) so i have no regret .
lastly i would love to say that if crimes are committed in the society its my duty to write and publish not minding who is involed ... if pastors who are meant to be role models , examples and pillers to thier followers do not live upto expectation then i have no choice than to keep writing ... it hurt to know that some pastors have insulted the name thereby turning it to a subject of ridicle .
its important that you dont step into a shoe that is too big  for your legs .........


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