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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Hard fact with David Daniels

“According to a recent report, researchers have discovered almost two pounds of marijuana 'Cultivated for psychoactive purposes' in the Gobi Desert, an area located in Southern Mongolia and the Northern Inner Mongolia region of China. According to the researchers, the marijuana stash is about 2,700 years old.” ~Discovery Article, 2008.

At the Merv Oasis, a small village West of Urumchi [China], there is a religious complex that dates back to the 2nd Millenium B.C.E., where in its most important room, the 'White room,' are storage vessels, which contain traces of Poppy and Ephedra.

The Assassins, Persians, name derived from the Arabic: hashishin-meaning users of hashish [Marijuana]. Their founder and Grand Master is Hasan-I Sabbah who dies in 1124 initiating new converts who are sworn to secrecy and execute their assassinations with a blind obedience. The weapon of choice is a dagger and their leader exploited this fear of the sect to gain tribute from other Arab chieftains.

If anyone dared to criticize this religious immorality they were ceremoniously burned at the stake under the accusation of witchcraft or heresy.

Syphilis may have already existed in Europe, but when America was discovered, a new type was introduced whereby most of the Catholic clergy contracted this disease and eventually died of it.

No clergymen were immune, for few, if any were celibate, including the Popes such as Julius II and Leo X who, as a bastard was favored at Saint Peter’s and therefore became a Cardinal at fourteen and was elected Pope at thirty-five, after having contracted syphilis at twenty-five.


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