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Monday, 6 February 2017

PRESS RELEASE : "send a delegation to London now" - Group Urges NASS

6th Feb,2017

Buhari: NASS "send a delegation to London now"- OGYPEDI

A front line youth group the Organisation For Global Youth Peace,Empowerment And Development Initiative (OGYPEDI) has called on the National Assembly to send a delegation to meet with President Buhari in London.
This call was made in Lagos on behalf of the group by its national coordinator Mr Japheth Omene in responds to the numerous rumors surrounding the President's health condition which has further been brought to fore by the President's extension of his vacation in London. According to Mr Omene 'Mr President's indefinite extension of his vacation has further created doubts and uncertainties in the minds of Nigerians concerning his true state of health so therefore,the right thing to do would be for the National Assembly which is the representative of the people to send a delegation to London to ascertain the President's condition and brief Nigerians accordingly'.

The group also advise that while we urge all Nigerians to pray for the safe return of Mr President,the laws/constitution should be respected by allowing Prof Osinbajo to continue to function as the acting President without undue interference pending the return of President Buhari as anything contrary to this could lead to constitutional crisis and a total collapse in the machinery of government and that would ultimately affect governance as a whole.

Michael Ipheghe
National PRO


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