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Monday, 31 October 2016

Boy puts bleach in his pregnant girlfriend's water bottle in a bid to abort the baby

A Pennsylvania University student has been arrested and 

charged with attempted murder after authorities learned 

that he had poisoned his pregnant girlfriend's glass of water 

with bleach in an attempt to abort the fetus, authorities said. 


Theophilous Washington, a 20-year-old from Washington, 

D.C. who is attending Millersville University in rural 

Pennsylvania, was charged with criminal attempt to commit 

first-degree murder of an unborn child and reckless 


Washington and his girlfriend, who is two months pregnant, 

were at his home on Thursday, when she was about to leave 

on Friday morning to return to her dorm, authorities said he 

offered her a drink of water that had been stashed in the 


After she drank the water, she returned to her room and 

began to feel a burning sensation in her throat. She started 

vomiting and eventually called 911.

In interviews with police, Washington acknowledged putting 

bleach in the water bottle from which his girlfriend drank, 

prosecutors said.

The woman was examined by a doctor, who determined that 

she and the fetus were unharmed, according to the district


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