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Monday, 31 October 2016

OGYPEDI to Senate: Apologise to Nigerians over CCT/CCB Acts amendment

 The Organisation For Global Youth Peace,Empowerment And Development Initiative (OGYPEDI) as a group with advocacy for good governance as one of its core objectives wish to condem in strongest possible term the amendment of the CCB and the CCT Acts of 2004 by the Nigerian Senate.

This move is ill-timed,self serving and of no priority to the Nigerian masses,we hereby call on the Nigerian Senate to apologize to Nigerians for this unnecessary and unwarranted act of theirs. By this action,the Nigerian senate has not only abuse its constituted statutory responsibilities, powers and privileges but has set the pace of retrogression for our nascent democracy as this action is capable of weakening the nation's institutions.

We believe that this amendment which has now put the appointment of the CCT Chairman and members under the control of the senate is nothing but a self serving action taken in responds to the ongoing trial of the President of the Nigerian Senate. How would it be for our country,democracy and especially for our institutions if Acts establishing institutions are amended this way subsequently and their controls placed under those they are prosecuting or the institutions are perpetually made ineffective for daring to 'step on some toes' in the course of discharging their statutory responsibilities?

Nigerians are yearning for good laws and legislations that will make their lives better and help to emeliorate the sufferings and hardship that they are currently faced with,we expect the Senate to focus on its core primary function of law making and oversight function and desist from apportioning to its self duties and responsibilities that are at variance with its statutory functions. We expect the Nigerian Senate to champion the course of strengthening our institutions  not to weaken them because of the interest of just few powerful individuals. Dr Bukola Saraki and all honorable members of the senate if we can still morally refer to them as honorable at this point will definitely not be senators and president of the senate respectively forever but our institutions are established to function forever irrespective of which ever party and individuals comes to power.

Michael Ipheghe
National PRO (OGYPEDI)


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